Bleaching - not just corals? A look at the northern seaweeds..

Debbie MacKenzie debimack at
Thu Aug 2 13:50:56 EDT 2001

Dear coral-list,

Nowhere near a coral reef, yet I see parallels to the coral bleaching 
problem in the changes in intertidal organisms in Nova Scotia, Atlantic 
Canada. Loss of pigmentation and stunted growth in macroalgae, plus the 
decline of small sessile filter feeders such as barnacles and mussels (and 
their overgrowth by "algae")...seem to reflect the development of an 
increasing nitrogen deficiency in open ocean seawater. I would appreciate 
any feedback on this, here's an article that I just posted describing these 
disturbing trends (full of pictures, the page may take a while to load, but 
that's the only way to accurately tell a story like this one.)

Debbie MacKenzie

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