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Dear sir or madam

Several years ago I decided after 40 some years in industrial work that I
would like to spend the rest of my productive years engaged in work I
would enjoy doing. As the sea and the creatures in it are my first love, I
decided to purchase a vessel and become involved in project support work,
hopefully in Marine Biology related projects. Unfortunately on Dec 28/2000
the 28.6 metre steel monohulled vessel I had purchased 5 years ago, and
spent the interviening years refurbishing, was blatently pirated in
Indonesia, and to all intents and purposes a total write-off. We now have
to start over, and for this purpose I have agreed to purchase a fairly new
33.5 metre(109.6ft.) fiberglas catamaran which we would like, if the need
exists, to refurbish as a state of the art, Marine Biology research
support vessel. We intend to build in fairly long range- long term
capabilities, and will have safe comfortable facilities for a fairly large
crew or on-board compliment (i.e., research staff or students). We had
hesitated to offer our previous vessel for charter until such time as we
were sure the vessel was fully seaworthy and in dependable operating
condition, however the recent theft of our previous vessel has resulted in
a regrettable loss of time and effort and we now need to move quickly if
we are to somehow make up for lost time. I am given to understand that you
are seriously involved in the Marine research field and felt I would like
to make my intentions known to you, or any interested party you might
encounter, and likewise invite any input you might offer as to people or
projects that might see an advantage in what we have to offer. 

I have some fairly comprehensive ideas as to what we should build in to
the vessel, so as to offer good support services, but would certainly
appreciate any input as to features you feel might be an asset to the
operational efficiency of the vessel.

We are currently based out of Singapore, but could easily travel to any
region where our services could be put to best advantage.

Have a nice day Cyril R. Price 

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