Coral Marker Buoys for Hong Kong.

Paul Hodgson phodgson at
Fri Aug 3 12:54:26 EDT 2001

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Dear NOAA,

I am involved with a pilot scheme to install 4 coral area boundary marker
buoys in a small sheltered bay in the eastern waters of Hong Kong (yes we
do have coral and it needs protection).  The idea is to create a no anchor
area on the in-shore side of the markers to protect this coral community
from anchor damage.

The problem is with the Marine Department here and their requirement to
only allow an internationally recognized marker to be used.  Neither they
or I know of any international marker for coral area boundaries. All other
local Government Departments are giving their blessing.  The Agriculture,
Fisheries & Conservation are even helping with finance and the liaison
with the Marine Department.  Since the deployment will be in local waters,
the Marine Department have to approve the project.

Do you have any information or ideas that can help with this worthy cause.

Kind regards,

Paul Hodgson
phodgson at

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