2ND ANNOUNCEMENT, ICRI Regional Workshop for the Indian Ocean November 26-28, 2001 in Maputo, Mozambique

David Obura dobura at africaonline.co.ke
Wed Aug 22 09:17:00 EDT 2001

Dear coral-listers,

This is a second announcement of the ICRI Regional Workshop for the
Indian Ocean, to be held between November 26-28, 2001, in Maputo,

>From January 1 2001 to December 31 2002, Philippines and Sweden accepted
the role of co-chairing the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI)
Global Secretariat.  As one of its primary activities in 2001-2002, ICRI
is hosting 3 regional workshops (East Asia, April 2001; Indian Ocean,
November 2001; Caribbean, 2002) building up to the 2nd International
Tropical Marine Ecosystems Management Symposium II (ITMEMS-II), 2002.

In this regard, we wish to invite you to the ICRI Regional Workshop for
the Indian Ocean, to be held from November 26-28, 2001 in Maputo
(Mozambique), back-to-back with the ICRI Coordinating and Planning
Committee Meeting, November 29-30.  The Regional Workshop is being
organized by the UNEP Regional Coordinating Unit (UNEP-RCU, Seychelles),
CORDIO and ICRAN, on behalf of ICRI.

For more information, please e-mail/fax your queries to:
Rolph Payet (rolphap at seychelles.net; Fax:  +248 322945) or
David Obura (dobura at africaonline.co.ke, Fax:  +254 11 486473).

We look forward to your participation at the Regional Workshop.

Yours sincerely,

Rolph Payet and David Obura

Rolph Payet
Director General
Policy, Planning and Services Division
Ministry of Environment and Transport
P.O. Box 677, Victoria, Mahe
TEL: +248 22567/224644, FAX: 322945/224500
Email: rolphap at seychelles.net

David Obura
Coordinator, East Africa
Coral Reef Degradation in the Indian Ocean
 P.O.BOX 10135 Mombasa
TEL/FAX: +254-11-486473
 Email: dobura at africaonline.co.ke

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