Bermuda Bleaching?

Jo Pitt jopitt at
Fri Aug 24 15:58:06 EDT 2001

>Hello Bermuda....our Bleaching Indices Page:
>shows Bermuda has reached critical SST levels during the past weekend
>and bleaching is expected from excessive thermal
>appreciated.  With the solar zenith lowering each day these conditions
>should ease soon.

Hello Alan and other listers

The Benthic Ecology lab at BBSR has been out over the past week doing a
variety of surveys on inshore, nearshore, mid-platform and platform edge
reefs.  We did keep an eye out for any signs of bleaching, and I am happy
to report that none were observed.  The week's weather has been fairly poor
(cloudy / windy / rainy at intervals in the way that only Bermuda weather
can) since that very hot and sunny weekend, and this may have helped
dissipate any overly warm surface waters.


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