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Dear Coral-listers:

I subscribe to the list, and PEER has been assisting Cry the Water on the
Broward County/Ancient reef matter as a part of our Oceans Initiative, of
which I am the Director.  Contact me if you have questions.

Dan Meyer, General Counsel
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility
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Dear Coral-listers,

Regarding the James Cervino email of 8/25 below:

>Reef Protection Report Released to Document and Save Northernmost Coral
>Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Cry of the Water, a coral reef monitoring group 
>in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, has documented unexpectedly high coral cover 
>and coral reef species diversity off the Broward County shoreline in 
>an area that is now threatened by a massive dredge and fill project.

If one is not enough, I am working with a team on an unbiased (third 
party) EIS for the Calypso natural gas pipeline that is proposed to run 
between Ft. Lauderdale and Freeport, Grand Bahama. 

I am in the process of collecting the marine and coastal information.  If 
anyone has issues or concerns they want to share with me please feel free 
to contact me.


Best regards,

Dr. Stephen C. Jameson, President
Coral Seas Inc. - Integrated Coastal Zone Management
4254 Hungry Run Road, The Plains, VA  20198-1715  USA
Office:  703-754-8690, Fax:  703-754-9139
Email:  sjameson at coralseas.com
Web Site:  www.coralseas.com

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