Caulerpa toxifolia 'killer algae'

Craig Bingman cbingman at
Mon Aug 27 13:58:55 EDT 2001

For starters, it is Caulerpa taxifolia, not toxifolia.  If you do a google
search on the correct name, you will find names and contact information
for a number of people who are studying the algae.  If you search on
toxifolia, you wind up looking at the products of the fevered imaginings
of a lot of journalists who don't even know how to spell the name of the

cbingman at

> >>> "tim ecott" <timecott at> 08/15/01 09:12AM >>>
> Hello Coral listers,
> I know it's not strictly coral but can anyone put me in touch with anyone
> who can give me the latest info on the spread of the marine algae Caulerpa
> toxifolia. I'm writing it up for a UK magazine and am keen to find a map
> showing Mediterranean distribution.I'd like to talk to anyone who's doing
> research on the organism.
> tim ecott
> tel (44) 208  607 9436

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