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Subject: Impact of catching of fish postlarvae in reefs and lagoons

 Dear Alls,

 In the Mayotte island (north Mozambique Channel, Comoro Archip.), a 
 new company is planning to catch coral reefal and lagoonal fish 
 postlarvae to grow them for the fish trade of european aquariologists.
 To do that due to the high tidal range there (up to 4 meters during 
 spring tides) they exclude the using of "crest nets" moored upon the 
 barrier reef fronts as used in lower tidal range environments (for 
 example, Moorea Is. in French Polynesia).  
 Consequently they plan to used ligh traps in subsurface of the 
 lagoonal waters, or in passages, or yet upon barrier reefs (light 
 traps are known to select the catches to Apogonids and Pomacentrids 
 postlarvae mainly).

 As I am not familiar with coral and lagoonal fish postlarvae 
 behaviour, could you help me in advisoring give me our opinions (or 
 your experiments) about the possible impacts of to the natural fish 
 populations (species selection, biomass impact, etc...).
 Mayotte is a quite large lagoon (near 1,500 square kilometers, ribbon 
 barrier reefs are near 167 km long with deep passages - 30 up to 70 m 
 depths). The corals from the barrier reefs died at 90 percent 
 following the 1998 ENSO event and today they recover slowly... 
 Fringing reefs have just the reef fronts living.

 Thanks for your comments.


 Bernard A. THOMASSIN (Dr. ès-Sci.)
 Directeur de recherches CNRS
 Centre d'Océanologie de Marseille (C.O.M.), Station marine d'Endoume,
 Chemin de la batterie des Lions,
 13007 Marseille, France
 "Environnement marin & littoral de l'île de Mayotte"
 tél. (33) 04 91 04 16 17 (ligne directe)
      (33) 04 91 04 16 00 (standart)
 mobile (33) 06 63 14 91 78
 fax (33) 04 91 04 16 35 (à l'attention de....)

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 traduction : "Le poulpe a dit : je ne crois que si je vois"

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