Population dependent on reefs

bmtrust at sunbeach.net bmtrust at sunbeach.net
Mon Dec 17 17:40:17 EST 2001

I agree with you Phil - we do not give the reefs the 
credit they deserve. Mark Spalding makes the point 
the dependence is relative. To some of us in the 
islands they are the b-all and end-all of 
everything!! Our dependence is greater than the fish 
we eat and the divers we attract- the quality of our 
beaches alone-(without which we are really doomed) 
is reef dependant.
Everyone in the world may not be dependant on the 
reefs now but certainly future generations may 
become a lot more dependant once the true medicinal 
value of the reefs is realised. 

Loreto Duffy-Mayers
Executive Director
Barbados Marine Trust 

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