Coral reef Ecological Risk Assessment

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Dear Coral-Listers.

Season greetings!  This short notice is my last option to attempt to get some assistance in a literature research I've been carrying out during the last weeks regarding Ecological Risk Assessment.  Here at the University of Puerto Rico, we are in the process of organizing a round table during the month of March, 2002, to discuss the need to develop an Ecological Risk Assessment program for Puerto Rico and I'll be presenting several recommendations regarding Ecological Risk Assessments in coral reefs and seagrass bed habitats.

However, after a preliminary search there is a general lack of published work regarding this topic.  In spite of that, I've found some preetty good references and have prepared a set of preliminary recommendations to present during the meeting.  But, I'd like to contact any colleague in the coral-list who might happen to be currently involved in coral reef Ecological Risk Assessment. I ammost interested to know about recent applications, bio-criteria standards for coral reef epibenthic and fish communities, and seagrass bed communities, from different countries.  I'd like also to know if there is any recently published paper or technical report (often unavailable through standard bibliographical indexes), which can include mathematical modelling regarding the relationship among shifting environmental and ecological conditions in coral reef habitats.

I'll appreciate any advice on this issue. Thanks in advance.



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