MAA's standards

Juan Torres jltorres38 at
Mon Dec 31 16:01:17 EST 2001

Dear coral-listers:
Merry Chrstmas to you all from Puerto Rico!
I am working on the effects of UV radiation on Acropora cervicornis and 
Porites furcata. So far, I have found around 8-9 different mycosporine-like 
amino acids (MAA's) in both species. Among them are:
Mycosporine-glycine, Mycosporine-2glycine, palythinol, usujirene and 
palythene. Yet, I don't have any standards to prove these are really the 
compounds. I wonder if any of you have some or know of a way of acquiring 
them? Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Juan L. Torres
University of PR, Dept. Marine Sciences
PO Box 3210
Lajas, PR 00667
Ph: (787) 899-7773
Fax: (787) 899-2630

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