Bryozoan sediments

Miklos Kazmer KAZMER at
Sat Feb 3 16:11:52 EST 2001

Dear Colleagues,

Currently we are working on the paleoecology of Tertiary 
bryozoan-dominated accumulations (bryozoan limestone and marl) and 
searching for possible recent counterparts. Bryozoan-dominated means 
that some tens of percents (at least 10 %) of the biogenic components (in 
weight) is made of bryozoan skeletons. We think that such 
bryozoan-favouring conditions occur when coral and coralline algal growth 
is restricted.

Did you have in your experience met any recent bryozoan-dominated 
sediments in a tropical or subtropical environment? (Temperate and 
cool-water occurrences are common.)

Can you suggest for us anyone, who might be knowledgeable in this topic, 
esp. biologists?

Many thanks for your help.

Sincerely yours,

Miklos Kazmer
Department of Paleontology
Eotvos University
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