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>I know of one such epoxy. It was illustrated in a terrific article in the
>Marine Fish and Reef USA annual Magazine 2001. The article was entitled
>Coral Propagation in the Home Aquarium: A Cut Goes A Long Way by Randy
>Donowitz. The article discussed Strategies for attaching coral fragments.
>The article is worth looking up. The material used is called Aqua
>tik( Stone Grey Epoxy Putty). It comes in a syringe type tube. Unfortunately
>I do not have a manufacturers name. My best guess would be to try to find
>the email address of Mr. Donowitz. Perhaps someone could help in this

Steve and others,

The Aquastik mentioned above may or may not be from DuPont Dow, it is kind
of hard to tell. Most WWW citations mention a company called Two Little
Fishies. Their web page at

http://petsforum.com/twolilfishies/tlf_prod_access.html contains some
information about Aquastik and a link to their page for orders.

And http://www.acropora.com/library/juliansprung.html has a little more


Christopher Crow

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