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Opisthobranch project leader wanted

Operation Wallacea, an ecotourism/research organisation, conducts =
surveys and expeditions to the Tukang Besi islands in SE Indonesia. We =
have a permanent research center on Hoga island in the Wakatobi Marine =
National Park and run around 20 research projects each season led by =
academics and lecturers from mainly UK Universities with the help of =
volunteers and students. Since 1997 we have conducted taxonomic surveys =
of Opisthobranchs in the Park. So far we have complied lists of around =
300 species with several remaining unidentified. The area is very rich =
and we expect several new species. Last year the project was expanded =
beyond a taxonomic survey to look at the ecology of the group. We are =
looking for a team leader to take on and further develop this project =
between July and September 2001.=20

Candidates must have good identification skills for Opisthobranchs and =
have an ecological background as well as a track record of work in the =
field. The team leader must be prepared to train and work with =
volunteers and students (involving field supervision of Honours and =
Masters theses)=20

Renumeration will be in the form of all travel and living expenses once =
in Indonesia.

For more details of Operation Wallacea and the project see website =

Letter of interest and CV (resume) to: science at



Sarah Curran
Science Co-ordinator
Research Department
Operation Wallacea
Priory Lodge=20
Hagnaby, Spilsby
Lincolnshire PE23 4BP

Tel: 01790 763 665
Fax:01790 763 417

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