need little advices...

sophie brugneaux sbrugneaux at
Mon Feb 19 16:54:05 EST 2001

Good morning all,

We are about to start a diving site description program in 
Martinique, using volunteers. We will use the life forms 
linear transect and we used CARICOMP protocol to 
distinguish between forms.
But I have little technical questions for those who have 
already experimented:
-how do you settle unexpensive permanent marking
-How do you compt gorgonians (which are about a couple of 
mm. wide with numerous overlapping branches )
-What do you consider when 2 organisms overlapp.
- Is Eusmilia sp. part of massive or branching coral? 

Thanks for helping

Sophie Brugneaux
marine environment programs manager
Diving Regional Comitty of Martinique
sbrugneaux at
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