Update: Dredging of Coral Reef for Coast Guard base in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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Perhaps it would be of some value for folks who, like me and some of my
friends, visit and vacation in the Caribbean a couple of times each year to
send a note to the minister to let him know that we will not be including
SVG in our vacation plans if they persist in their efforts to dredge the
coral reefs in the area.  I would be happy to deliver such a note if I had
the address and or email or fax numbers and the name of the Prime Minister
and Senior Minister.

Dave Allison
Allison Associates

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  Subject: Update: Dredging of Coral Reef for Coast Guard base in St.
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  Hello Again Everyone,

  A further update for those who are interested in this issue here in St.
Vincent and the Grenadines.

  In short, it seems that the pier is going to be built. There has been no
answer to the letter I wrote to the Prime Minister and Senior Minister.
There also has been no answer to an official request for an appeal hearing
of the Planning Board decision regarding the project.

  The Senior Minister (who recently resigned as our Prime Minister after 15+
years in office) did speak of the topic in an address made to the people of
Union Island, which is the site of the Base. He made reference to project(s)
in the past that had been opposed for environmental reasons, and how that
opposition had failed. He also made it clear that the pier would be build no
matter what, and that no environmentalist would stop the project.

  It was a heavy blow to the marine protection movement here, and I wrote
another letter to the Senior Minister regarding this fact. Once again, no

  The dredging has not started yet, and the necessary equipment has not
arrived. No one seems to know when it will be done. But the deadline for the
military personnel her is sometime in the first week of April, so it will
probably be soon.

  I'm not quite sure what else can be done regarding the issue. It is now
clear that the Government is not willing to consider evidence or appeal
which questions the decision to dredge in the area. The funds just are not
available to consider using a legal process.

  Please do not take this as an admission of failure. The dredging has not
started yet, so there is a chance. And regardless of the dredging, a
positive thing has happened in this country. The issue is now in the hands
of the people, and has found some murmuring of support. I don't think this
marks the end of the battle, but the beginning. The next step will be to
look for some support in a campaign towards the establish of a Trust
organization here in SVG, one which might be able to prevent a situation
like this from happening again.

  I'd like to thank all of you for listening, and especially thank those who
have discussed and/or taken action regarding this situation. I've heard
about some, like an inquiry made by the Coral Reef Task Force, and I'm sure
that there has been much that I am not aware of.  The attention from all of
you have made a huge difference, both locally and beyond. The emails of
support have also made a big difference, and helped keep a positive tone in
all of this.

  Best wishes to you all


  Kurt Cordice, Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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