"late" postings to coral-list

Jim Hendee hendee at aoml.noaa.gov
Tue Feb 20 14:39:17 EST 2001

Greetings, Coral-Listers,

	You may have noticed that some messages to coral-list do not show
up for sometimes days after they were originally posted.  This is because,
either, a) the message was too big for coral-list, and it got bounced for
me to do something with it, or, b) the message was posted by an email
address that majordomo (the listserver software) does not recognize, and
again, the message gets bounced to me.

	Usually when the message is too big it is because you have
(perhaps inadvertently) attached a binary word processor document.  
Please post only ASCII documents.  Also, please do not post HTML
documents.  If you use MicroSoft Outlook, please make sure what you are
sending has been formatted as an ASCII-only document.

	If the message was bounced because of an unrecognizable email
address, this is usually because you or your system administrator has
slighly changed your email address, say, your_name at domain.gov to
your_name at mail.domain.gov.  Sometimes, however, someone may try to post
from a different address all together, apparently assuming majordomo
somehow "remembers" the old address.  Also, I've noticed that some people
try to post even though they are not subscribers, possibly because they've
heard coral-list can help them out with their request, but are not aware
that you have to be a subscriber to coral-list.  You have to be a
subscriber to coral-list in order to post to it.  Othewise, we'd get all
sorts of junk mail posted by phantom email addressses.

	I hope this clears up some confusion as to why your messages may
not get posted immediately.

	Jim Hendee
	coral-list administrator

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