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Thu Feb 22 19:48:26 EST 2001

Greetings from the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL).  I am writing to 
invite your organization/institution to participate in an inexpensive 
and effective marine conservation public outreach opportunity called 
Dive In To Earth Day.  Dive In To Earth Day is an international Earth 
Day celebration offering hundreds of underwater and shore activities 
all over the world during the week of Earth Day, April 15-22, 2001.

Last year, Earth Day (April 22), the most popular global 
environmental campaign in history, celebrated its 30th anniversary. 
Most Earth Day activities focus on land-issues.  In order to ensure 
that this powerful and effective global public awareness campaign 
included the other 72% of the planet, the first ever Dive In To Earth 
Day was successfully launched.  Over 200 Dive In activities were 
organized at dive sites in over 35 countries involving thousands of 
divers and marine enthusiasts. 

Dive In To Earth Day 2001 is a collaborative effort that will engage 
divers, snorkelers, NGOs, scientists, dive equipment manufacturers 
and retailers, dive operators, travel companies, teachers, students, 
zoos, aquariums and marine enthusiasts by providing them with the 
opportunity to participate in and/or organize an activity.  Each 
event that is posted on the Dive In site will automatically be posted 
on the Earth Day Network site.

This year, with your participation, this event can grow in 
popularity.  By joining Dive In you can contribute to this unified 
message which aims to raise public awareness of marine issues and 
help increase media coverage of the Dive In event.  The more events 
there are, the more noteworthy Dive In is in the eyes of the press. 

Already, Jean Michel Cousteau, James Cameron (Titanic), William 
Shatner (Star Trek), Peter Benchley (Jaws) and Craig Ferguson (Drew 
Carey Show) have lent their names in support of Dive In.  CORAL is 
coordinating the event which is co-sponsored by Rodale's Scuba Diving 
Magazine, Center for Marine Conservation, Padi AWARE Foundation, 
Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network, Earth Day Network, Reef Check, 
Reef Ball Foundation, Dive Equipment and Marketing Association and 

It's easy to Dive In!  We are asking your group to organize a local 
marine-based activity during the week of Earth Day and post it on the 
Dive In web site.  CORAL already has a web site where Dive In 
activities can be posted and free publicity tools for organizers. 
There is a Dive In logo that can be downloaded from the web site, a 
sample press release that can be copied and pasted onto your 
letterhead, suggestions for activities with catchy names, and some 
"how to" tips from other groups who have organized activities.  Plus, 
for each event posted on the Dive In site, the organizer is entered 
in a raffle with some great prizes (see web site for a list of prizes).  There are 
also T-shirts and posters available for sale.  Examples of Dive In 
activities include:
--underwater clean-ups
--fish and coral surveys
--installing mooring buoys
--making artificial reefs
--beach/shore cleanups
--kids art contests
--tabling booths at Earth Day fairs (there will be downloadable Dive 
In flyers on the web)

If you are unable to organize a local activity, you can still Dive In!
--help promote Dive In by posting the Dive In logo on your web site with a link
--announcing Dive In on your list serve
--post Dive In information in your newsletters, mailings and 
publications (photos available)
--tell your colleagues about Dive In
--send out the Dive In press release to your media contacts (it's 
posted on the web site)

I hope you will take advantage of this public awareness opportunity 
by organizing a Dive In event within your community.  The more Dive 
In events there are, the louder our collective voice will be in 
raising concern and focusing attention on marine conservation issues. 

Thank you for your time and please feel free to contact me for more 
information.  I can be reached at (510) 848-0110, ext. 313 Pacific 
Standard Time.


Anita Daley

Anita Daley
Education and Outreach Coordinator

The Coral Reef Alliance
2014 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 848-0110 ext. 313
(510) 848-3720 fax

"Working together to keep coral reefs alive."
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