Coral disease

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Sat Feb 24 11:54:38 EST 2001

Kamla et al.,
Your temperatures (30 deg C) appear to be telling as they appear high
enough to indicate bleaching may be starting at Mauritius.  I have just
looked at our "revised" HotSpot charts that are in the process of
updating as our new satellite SST data are finally coming on-line.
HotSpots are showing much more activity in your immediate area, as I had
feared might be the case...see note from 2/23 to "coral-list."  Other
areas where HotSpots have "expanded" are:

Fiji [and off to the SE and West]
S. Brazil coast
S. Madagascar and off the N & NE tip

or see Indices Page (we need to revise this to include a site in your

Compare 2/24 with 2/17:

Also see the NOAA SST Anomaly Chart, as this chart is in the process of
updating as rapidly as cloud-free SSTs can be determined to fill in the
new SST field (2/23/01 chart has many cooler streaks in it - showing
where older SST values still have not yet been replaced with more
correct data from our new NOAA-16 satellite):


Kamla Ruby wrote:

> The temperature near the coral colonies was 30C (taken with a mercury
> thermometer). i excluded thermal bleaching at that time because only
> one species was bleached. There was no sign of bleaching from  the
> other species, esp.branching acropora species. It might afterall be
> localised thermal bleaching .I will be retrieving the data loggers
> which has been set on the western coast of Mauritius on 26th Feb. I
> will keep you informed.I will also conduct a transfection as suggested
> by Laurie to make sure that it has got nothing to do with
> diseases.Thanks

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