Epoxy sticks

David Obura dobura at africaonline.co.ke
Mon Feb 26 04:26:37 EST 2001

This does go on!!!  In reply to Bruce ...

I've used expoxy sticks with great success, the version I have access to
is a two-stick one called 'Pratley Quickset Putty', from South Africa. 
It has the same mixing/setting characteristics as others have mentiond
(has to be hand-mixed in air, is best used UW 10-20 minutes after
initial mixing). I've had probably > 80% setting success (compared to
50%) with cement mixes of various types (including lime), and it sets so
strongly that branching corals often break at the top edge of the putty
rather than being pulled off, and seems to remain for several years.  It
does sometimes, though not frequently, seem to cause toxic reactions to
tissue in contact with it when setting,but this is obvious within a
week.  It's best though for small fragments as large colonies need a lot
(so expensive).

I'd recommend it as more reliable than cement, though perhaps more
suited to fixing sample corals for experiments rather than
'rehabilitation' per se. 

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