Review panel volunteers needed - new CRS report

Gene Buck GBUCK at
Mon Feb 26 08:50:32 EST 2001


      I'm seeking volunteers for an expert panel to provide review comments on a 6-page short report for Congress that's just been completed.  This report summarizes and reviews recent acitions and discussions about marine protected areas/marine reserves.  I should have this product ready for review by the first week of March (March 5th or so).

      Abstract:  "The Clinton Administration took several actions to increase protection at designated marine sites, called marine protected areas, during the 106th Congress. Congress is likely to examine both recent actions and the concepts behind the protection efforts, especially in connection with appropriations and reauthorization legislation during the 107th Congress. The Bush Administration position on these actions is unknown."

      I'm seeking reviewers who are able to get comments back to me within a month (no later than April 6th).  If interested, please e-mail me a few sentences stating briefly your qualifications for serving on this expert panel.  I anticipate selecting about 8-10 individuals to serve on this panel.  I will provide the text for review by regular mail (please provide your postal mailing address when you respond to this message).  I'd like to receive your comments either by fax or e-mail.  Comments should address the need for CRS to provide comprehensive, objective, and non-partisan information to Congress.  Participation on this review panel will be anonymous, and no attributions will be made to reviewers or review comments without permission.

      Thanks to all who have participated on my expert panels in the past; your continued and excellent critiques of my products have been extremely beneficial to Congress!!

                                       Gene Buck, Senior Analyst
                                       Congressional Research Service

       gbuck at 

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