Earth System Monitor articles

Roger Torstenson Roger.Torstenson at
Thu Jan 4 09:19:46 EST 2001


I am looking for individuals (government, academia, or private
industry), who may be interested in submitting an article for
publication in the Earth System Monitor. 

The "Earth System Monitor" is a 16-page (maximum) publication released
quarterly by NESDIS'
National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) through staff of the NODC
Ocean Laboratory.
The publication is printed as grayscale with an additional spot color
contrast.  Its primary 
focus is to highlight ongoing NESDIS research, publications, products,
programs and is circulated
worldwide to various oceanographic and academic institutions as well as
government agencies and
the general public.  The ESM also includes submissions and announcements
from other NOAA organizations such as NWS, ORCA, NMFS, etc. to help
disseminate information about NOAA and its achievements.  
Relevant articles of oceanographic concern and interest are also
considered from institutions/organizations outside of NOAA.

Please contact Roger Torstenson (rtorstenson at for
additional information.  Over the past couple years we have published
articles from foreign sources as well as the United States. 

Thank you
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