Seeking Field Biologists

Gustav W. Verderber acmaea at
Sun Jan 7 11:27:30 EST 2001

Dear Researcher,

For fifteen years, I have been collaborating with field biologists with a
view toward producing informative natural history images and articles for
national and international publications.  I am an editorial photographer and
writer with credits that include the cover of Natural History.  I am always
interested in photographing the unique subjects and rare behaviors that only
you know about and in writing about nature for the general public.  If you
have a natural history research project that you believe might attract an
editor of a consumer publication such as Natural History, National
Geographic, Smithsonian, etc. I would like to hear from you.

Please respond directly to me at the email address given in my signature.

With gratitude and respect,
Gustav W. Verderber
Environmental Interpretation
Email: G.Verderber at
P.O. Box 153, Lowell, VT  05847  USA
Telephone: (802) 744-2392

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