Genetic Modification of Corals

Mike Matz matz at
Tue Jan 9 05:16:12 EST 2001

 Dear Daniel,
  I never heard of such thing as coral transgenes, but this subject is
very interesting to me too. Actually, I would be glad to try this myself
if I only had some funds for that. So far, I could not dig up anything
about that in databases. Transgenes on a new animal model are usually
very difficult to make, so achievment of genetic modification on some
new object is still considered a kind of breakthrough. It opens a lot of
possibilities for really thorough study of the model. I would be
delighted to know if there is any progress  in this matter with corals.

  Mikhail Matz
  Whitney laboratory
  University of Florida

Daniel Mayor wrote:

> Dear listers, does anyone know of research that involves genetically
> modifying corals to enhance their tollerance to environmental
> extremes?  I
> would be very grateful to hear from anyone who knows about current
> research, or those actually involved in the research.
> Many thanks,
> Dan Mayor.
> Daniel Mayor
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