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Society for Underwater Technology
5th Underwater Science Symposium
Sponsored by Southampton Oceanography Centre

29 March to 1st April 2001
Southampton Oceanography Centre

Visualizing the Underwater Environment
2001 An Inner Space Odyssey

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Every picture speaks a thousand words. We are all capable of absorbing 
large amounts of information when presented visually. However, as divers 
will agree, water itself is something of a barrier to conventional vision. 
These problems can be overcome whether by using a glass-bottomed bucket, 
diving or the latest in laser or acoustic seabed remote-imaging technology.

This symposium will bring together the diverse community (divers, 
archaeologists, research scientists and commercial operators) that has 
interest and expertise in visualizing the underwater environment, to share 
our experiences and find out what's new and who's doing what.

The 5th SUT Underwater Science Symposium
The 5th SUT Underwater Science Symposium will review the state of the art 
in visualizing the underwater environment. The programme seeks to blend 
diving operations in shallow water with the use of remote technologies in 
the deep sea. In particular the symposium will focus on practical methods, 
such as high-definition photography, laser technologies, holographic 
techniques, integrated seafloor visualization, "living maps" and virtual 
dives and missions. A special preview of the BBC Natural History Unit's new 
8-part series on the oceans "The Blue Planet" will be given, as well as 
talks on how the programmes were made. There will also be an exhibition of 
the entries to the BP-SUT Underwater Image Competition.

Sponsored by BP

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Oceanography Centre, Southampton, SO14 3ZH, UK.

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