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Tue Jan 16 12:24:58 EST 2001

apologies for cross-postings

I am PhD student currently trying to choose field sites in the Caribbean.  I
Will be looking at three different sites to try to ascertain what are
successful institutional arrangements for 'managing' coastal environments.
The official title is:  Institutional fit in tropical ecosystems:  a test
using Marine Protected Areas.  I have my own ideas of where I would like to
go, but would also like to seek some advice.  What I am looking for are
sites which vary across a continuum (good to bad) for both ecology and
society e.g. successful MPAs, community run projects, etc.

If people could send me ideas for sites that match any of these criteria,
hopefully I might be able to find some matches.


David Hutchinson.

David Hutchinson
School of Development Studies
University of East Anglia
Norwich NR4 7TJ
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