Coral Quotables

Jim Hendee hendee at
Thu Jan 18 10:31:17 EST 2001

Greetings, Coral-Listers,

	To help further inspire newcomers to the realm of coral reefs,
Osha Gray Davidson (author), Monika Gurnee (CHAMP WebMaster) and I have
compiled and instituted a revolving presentation of quotations relevant to
the study and wonder of coral reefs on the CHAMP Web site
(  Each time you visit the main page, or re-load that
page, you should see a new quote with a relevant citation.  You will
recognize some of the names, and one of them might be yours!  Along this
line, if you see your name and wish not be quoted, please let us know (the
quotes were derived from various public sources).

	If you know of, or see, quotations that you feel would be
appropriate to this presentation, and that would help inspire coral
enthusiasts, Osha (osha at asks that you forward them to
him, but he asks that, a) you keep the quotes fairly short, and b) you
include a citation that's as complete as possible.

	Thanks for your help and support!

	Your fan,
	Jim Hendee
	coral-list admin

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