NACRI Workshop Feb 9 in Bonaire

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Wed Jan 24 11:17:00 EST 2001

Workshop to Develop
a Netherlands Antilles Coral Reef Initiative (NACRI)
Set for February 9th in Bonaire.
Participation is Encouraged.

The final declaration of the Netherlands Antilles' National Nature Forum in August last year mandates the effectuation of a Netherlands Antilles Coral Reef Initiative as part of the N.A. Nature Conservation Initiative.

Sectie Mina (Environmental Section) of the Netherlands Antilles government, together with the environmental group Reef Care Curacao and the Bonaire Marine Park, supported by Habitat Bonaire, thinks it is time to follow up on this.

On Friday February 9 a one-day workshop will be convened in Bonaire at the
Habitat Bonaire Dive Hotel. We hope to have a few interesting presentations
followed by the formulation of a list of priorities, an action plan, and
preliminary steps to start effectuating the actions. A full agenda will be
presented later.

This is an invitation to everyone interested in, affected by, or concerned with
the coral reefs in the Netherlands Antilles (and coral reefs in general) to
please attend this workshop in Bonaire next month. More effort and more
attention needs to be focused on the coral reefs of all the islands of the
Netherlands Antilles and the general public needs to hear more about them and
the need for conservation. During the workshop we can discuss what exactly it is
that needs to be done.

Preliminary discussions are of course more then welcome, and would serve well as an appetizer for the workshop.

If you will attend the workshop, please register at: nacriworkshop at

Attendance is free.

Hope to see you there.

Paul C. Hoetjes
Dept. Public Health & Environment (VOMIL)
Section Environment and Nature (MINA)
Santa Rosaweg 122, Curaçao
Netherlands Antilles
tel. (599-9)736-3530; fax: (599-9)736-3531
e-mail: paul at

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