monographs for coral recruits

Samisoni Sauni, MSP-USP sauni_s at
Sat Jan 27 00:23:15 EST 2001


As part of my Ph.D work I will identify coral recruits settled on coral 
plates at least to the genus level.  Is there anyone or can someone 
recommend coral monographs available somewhere that I could 
use as a guide in the identification of coral recruits?

The plates were deployed during the major spawning period season 
last year.  The exercise will be repeated again for this year's minor 
and major spawning seasons.  The study aimed to establish any 
influences of the mass bleaching in Fiji last year to coral spawning.

Appreciate to share with anyone currently carrying out similar work 
or already did similar work in the past.


Samasoni Sauni (Mr)
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