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Tue Jan 30 08:09:42 EST 2001

Dear Coral-list readers,

Ever heard of the Netcoast maillist ? I bet and hope you have.
As webmiss of this NetCoast website I like to inform you that we have a NEW
mailsystem available.

The NEW flexible NETCOAST MAILSYSTEM is operational from december last year.
And allows you to specify the ICZM information you want to receive on
subjects and region and reduce abundant mail !

you are kindly invited to subscribe yourself to this new mailsystem at:

As a new subscriber please use First Time User, because you'll have to fill
in a login name and password, before you can actually subscribe to the
In these maillists you can subscribe per category, by clicking in the white
box at the end of the BLUE line.
Or by clicking in the GREEN bar for ALL categories in one Mail-Listgroup,
and confirm this by using the UPDATE button.

You can send and receive emailmessages only to the maillists you have
subscribed to. This means you cannot send to all categories and only receive
on a few. To do this you will have to modify your subscription to these
categories ! 

Sending messages can be done at
when using the Send mail button. You'll have to fill and select a few things

If you have questions about the maillists with the categories, please
contact me.
And feedback is welcome of course !

Hope to meet you again at the new NetCoast Mailsystem !

Carla Bennink
NetCoast webmiss

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