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Dear Colleagues,

ReefBase: A Global Database On Coral Reefs is now back on-line at <>

We have begun a process of extensive revision of the Web Site and the
underlying database, which will continue throughout this year.  Our vision
is to produce a data-rich and accessible information repository to serve
coral reef scientists, managers and the general public.

The current revision has the following important new features:

1. Reef Status Summaries
 The full text of several major reports on the status of coral reef in
different regions, and countries is now available online, either locally or
as a link to the relevant site.  These include:
*	the  GCRMN Global Status of Coral Reefs reports for 1998 and 2000,
*	several GRRMN Country or Regional Reports used to compile the global
report for 2000
*	ReefCheck reports for 1997 & 1998
*	the Reefs at Risk report for 1998
*	the CORDIO report for several countries and regions on degradation or
reefs in the Indian Ocean,
*	various AIMS and GBRMPA reports on the status of the Great Barrier Reef
*	regional reports form the ITMEMS conference in 1998 in Townsville
*	various reports for Caribbean countries from the CARICOMP program

All of these reports, or chapter extracts, are grouped into global, regional
and national lists to help with easy and rapid access.  A clickable map also
provides quick list of available regional reports.

2. An image library containing over 1500 photographs, space shuttle images
and maps
This library can be searched according to various categories. The results
can be viewed in thumbnail format prior to accessing the full image.

3. A facility to upload reports, images and datasets for inclusion into
The new site allows users to register with ReefBase, and to then upload
files together relevant descriptions for incorporation into our lists of
downloadable material.  We would be particularly interested, at this stage,
in any new status reports at the national or local level, and in any
photographic images portraying reefs in different states, and images of
reefs being used (wisely or unwisely) in different ways.  Please note that
we can only accept material for which the Intellectual Property and
Copyright ownership is identified and where you are able to assign ReefBase
the right to freely distribute the material from our website.

Limited access to the more extensive information contained on the ReefBase
2000 CD is also available.  You can obtain a list of all reefs in the
database and their basic attributes, as well as a list of protected reef
areas for each country.  During 2001 we will be converting much of the data
into a GIS format so that it cam be displayed and queried using interactive
maps. We will also be updating information on several topics.  We will
announce these further revisions as they come on line.  In the mean time we
would like to encourage all coral-list  subscribers to check out the web
site and to let us know (using the contact facility in the User Area) if
they have any suggestions for new features, improvements or corrections to
any inadvertent errors which may have crept in to the existing information.


Jamie Oliver
Marco Noordeloos
ReefBase Project Leader
ReefBase Manager
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Jamie Oliver
Senior Scientist (Coral Reef Projects)
ICLARM – The World Fish Centre
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