Reef Check May Update

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Thu May 3 13:05:45 EDT 2001

Reef Check May Update

1.	New RC Web Site -- update your bookmarks!
2.	New senior staff
3.	New coordinators!
4.	Dive In To Earth Day Activities
5.	Regional Training Workshops --Thailand and St Lucia
6.	Send us press clips, photos, video
7.	Coral Trade Workshop
8.	Thanks

1.	New Website
The new Reef Check website is up. The text address is unchanged
( but the numbers behind it (IP address) are different. To
see the new site, you must hit "refresh/reload" if you have the site
bookmarked.  Available on the new site are the 2001 data forms, and the
instruction manual in English and Indonesian, and coming soon -- Spanish.
Please send us your best RC photos for the photo gallery (coming soon!).

2.	New Senior Staff
Ms. Jarrett Smith has joined Reef Check as the Director of Institutional
Advancement. Jarrett is an experienced fund-raiser and scuba diver and is
helping us establish our board of directors and administrative structure.

3.	New coordinators!
Welcome Yael Rogel Hava, <yhrogel at>, a graduate student in
Marine Biology at Tel Aviv University, the new coordinator in Israel,  and
Silvia Pinca, <silvinha at, the new coordinator in the Marshall Islands,
Silvia  is a Marine Science Instructor at The College of the Marshall

4.	Dive In To Earth Day activities.
As part of Dive In To Earth Day! Reef Check activities were carried out by
many teams including those on Maui and Oahu, Hawaii; Bintan Resort
Management teams in Bintan Island, Riau Archipelago, Indonesia; teams in
Bali, Indonesia; and by teams from the Barbados Marine Trust, in Barbados.
In addition, beach cleanups were organized by Coconut Court, Casuarina,
Royal Pavilion/Glitter bay, and Treasure beach hotels in Barbados.

5.	Regional Training Workshops -- SE Asia and Caribbean
A SE Asia Regional RC Training will be held in Phuket, Thailand, June 25-29,
2001. Contact Thai Coordinator Pinya Sarasas.  <pinya at>

A Caribbean Regional RC Training will be held in St Lucia Soufriere, St.
Lucia, 11-13 July 2001.  Contact Allan Smith <smitha at>

6.	Press Coverage, Photos, Video
Reef Check HQ would like copies of press coverage of Reef Check activities
in ANY language. Please mail a copy to: Reef Check, Institute of the
Environment, 1652 Hershey Hall, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 90095-4985, USA. We
use these for press events and to show our sponsors what great work you are
all doing!

7.	Reef Check, MAC and NOAA
Reef Check Director Gregor Hodgson helped with the monitoring design portion
of the NOAA International Coral Trade Workshop April 8-13, 2001, Jakarta,
Indonesia organized by Dr. Andy Bruckner. A detailed monitoring program was
designed that will be used to provide independent tracking of the marine
aquarium trade.

8.	Thanks
We are updating the sponsors page on our website.  If you would like to
thank your local sponsors, please send us their name and website so that we
can add this information.

2001 data have been coming in fast. Thanks for all the hard work!

Special thanks to Jim Hendee and Clarke Jeffris at NOAA Atlantic
Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory Ocean Chemistry Division for
hosting our website.  Thanks also to Jeff Jeffords and Niki Papakonstantinou
for their generous donation of several photographs.  You can see more of
Jeff’s work at and more of Niki’s work at

Reef Check Headquarters
Rcheck at
Institute of the Environment
1652 Hershey Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1496
1-310-794-4985 (phone)
1-310-825-0758 (fax)

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