looking for collaborators

Mike Matz matz at whitney.ufl.edu
Wed May 9 05:11:58 EDT 2001

Hello coral-listers,

I am looking for the coral ecology-devoted lab to
collaborate on the project tentatively entitled "Origins and
maintenance of color variety in Anthozoa". This has to do
with colors determined by GFP-like proteins. My group is
good in cloning and handling the proteins and doing
phylogenetic analysis on their sequences. By that we can
point out the functional significance of particular color
and determine weither all the colors have separate
functional assignments or not, and if not, how they group
with respect to function. We can also infer when the need
for separate colors appeared in  Anthozoa evolution, and
maybe suggest how the existing color polymorphism may be
maintained. However, this study cannot be completed without
validating our suggestions by quantitative data from real
reefs, basically concerning distribution of various color
morphs. Being molecular people, we definitely cannot do that
on our own.

So, would anybody like to join? I am presently preparing an
NSF proposal on that, and would be happy to include an
ecologist co-PI.


Mikhail V. Matz, Ph.D.

Whitney Laboratory
University of Florida
9505 Ocean Shore blvd
St Augustine FL 32080-8610, USA
phone +1 904 461 4044
fax +1 801 849 5388

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