skeletal growth of Astrangia poculata

McCarty and Peters McCarty_and_Peters at
Sat May 12 21:32:00 EDT 2001

Dear Dr. Cohen,

Two suggestions:

First, the vast majority of all of the work on Astrangia was cited in the
paper that resulted in the reversion of the species name, i.e.:

Peters, E.C., S.D. Cairns, M.E.Q. Pilson, J.W. Wells, W.C. Jaap, J.C. Lang,
C.E. (Cummings) Vasleski, and L.S. Gollahon.  1988.  Nomenclature and
biology of Astrangia poculata ( = A. danae, = A. astreiformis) (Cnidaria:
Anthozoa).  Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash. 101: 234-250.

Much of the work was down at URI.  I suspect that Thierry Jacques had the
most data on skeletal architecture and growth.  Whether or not it was
published in a journal article, I do not recall.  I can also check my
personal copy of Carol Cummings' dissertation, but that will take a few
days too find.

Therefore, my second suggestion is that since you are in the Hole, drive
down to GSO and check out the various dissertations cited in the article
above at the Pell Library.  They are all in the stacks there.  OK, its a
1.5 hour drive probably, but its the best way to get the data in one shot.

Just my two cents worth.

Chip McCarty
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