shark finning

silvia pinca silvinha at
Sun May 13 19:28:37 EDT 2001

Hello coral-listers,

I have been just informed that an agency on the Marshall 
Islands where I live and work has approved an agreement 
with a foreign company to allow shark fin fishing in local 
waters. The news are even more frightening and 
disappointing than what this sounds since the agency that 
signed the agreement is in charge of the marine resources 
in the Country. Evidently, in charge of depleting and 
destroying them more than protecting and managing them. 
Only a couple of months ago we also received information 
regarding another agreement between the same agency and a 
private investor for live rock collection. Fortunately for 
side reasons, the collection of corals never started and 
the project aborted.
I address my cry of disappointment and ask for help to the 
coral reef scientists and marine conservationists to have 
help, support and suggestion on how to fight this absurd 
new agreement and this sure promise of depletion of the 
shark communities.
I am sure that some of you had to face a similar problem 
somewhere else and some of you found a solution already.
I thank you for your advice and support, 

Silvia Pinca,

College of the Marshall Islands
P.O. Box  1258
Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands
MH 96960
Ph: 692-625-5903

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