Nutrient deficiency and bleaching

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	In response to your question regarding other causes for coral
bleaching, as you are by now no doubt aware, coral bleaching is a response
to stress of many different types.  In addition to high sea temperatures,
you may want to investigate the effect of ultraviolet in the works of M.
Lesser, G. Wellington, S. Coles and P. Jokiel, among others.  As you can
imagine, it is a complex phenomenon.  Here are some good starting refs
which also of course have good literature citations therein:

Coles, S.L. & Jokiel, P.L. (1978).  Synergistic effects of temperature,
salinity and light on the hermatypic coral Montipora verrucosa.  Marine
Biology 49: 187-195.

Gleason, D.F. & Wellington, G.M.  (1993).  Ultraviolet radiation and coral
bleaching.  Nature 365: 837-838.

Gleason, D.F. & Wellington, G.M.  (1995).  Variation in UVB sensitivity of
planula larvae of the coral Agaricia agaricites along a depth gradient.
Marine Biology 123: 693-703.  

Lesser, M.P. (2000). Depth-dependent photoacclimatization to solar
ultraviolet radiation in teh Caribbean coral Montastraea faveolata. Mar
Ecol Prog Series 192: 137-151.

Lesser, M.P.; Stochaj, W.R.; Tapley, D.W. & Shick, J.M. (1990). Bleaching
in coral reef anthozoans: effects of irradiance, ultraviolet radiation,
and temperature on the activities of protective enzymes against active
oxygen.  Coral Reefs 8: 225-232.


You may also want to visit the online coral literature abstracts on the
CHAMP site for other references pertaining to bleaching.


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