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Paul Blanchon blanchon at
Wed May 16 15:01:26 EDT 2001

Final call for contributions:

Reef response to rapid environmental change during the late Pleistocene.
Blanchon P., Dullo, C and Montaggioni L. (Editors).

Due to limited space in the ICRS Proceedings, we have arranged for a 
book to be published with Springer Verlag. All Bali attendees, as 
well as others interested in the impact of climate and sea-level 
change on coral-reef systems are encouraged to submit a manuscript 
for inclusion in this book. Authors may have up to 20 printed pages 
for their paper including tables, figs. and graphs. This space equals 
35 pages double spaced in Times Roman 12. Please use a similar format 
as the journal Coral Reefs. Formatting instructions for Coral Reefs 
can be found at the following web site: 

The DEADLINE for manuscripts to arrive at the editorial office is 30 JUNE 20=

To submit a manuscript for the book, do either of the following:
1. preferably, send it as an attachment to e-mail as a pdf file 
(Adobe Acrobat ) or as a rtf file (rich text format) in MS-Word with 
diagrams as low-quality JPEGS. In this digital format, the review 
process will be much quicker. (No need to send paper copies if you 
choose digital submission). Send it to the following e-mail: 
blanchon at
2. if you have to send it by surface mail, please use DHL or other 
courier services because the surface mail slows the process down 
considerably. Send 3 copies to the following address:

Dr. Paul Blanchon
Unidad Academica Pto. Morelos
Inst. de Ciencias del Mar y Limnologia (ICML)
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM)
Ap. Postal 1152,
CP 77500 Canc=FAn,
Tel. (987) 10219,  Fax: (987) 10138


Paul Blanchon
Chris Dullo
Lucien Montaggioni

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