Nearshore bleaching photos - Fiji

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Another non-technical viewpoint ... but my divemaster whilst in the Maldives
"drift diving", noted that in '98, what WAS a drift dive in previous years
became the hardest drifting he'd ever done!

Even at 30m he was getting little flow and temperatures of 30-31C.  The
question is, did the temperature cause the shift in flow patterns or vice

I mention this in relation to your centre out bleaching photo ... the inner
areas of the colony would be even more affected by decreased flow than the
outer margins I would presume.


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Ladies and gentlemen,

I have posted some photos of nearshore bleaching from a recent trip to Fiji.
I decided to post them to a webpage yesterday as I think they are worth
discussing as part of this recent "Factors in coral bleaching - nearshore
vs. offshore reefs" discussion.

The website (It is NOT commercial) shows ONLY the pictures and location map
and some of my comments (temperature, some observations, etc).  Here is the

Of particular interest to me are some of the photos showing "unusual"
bleaching patterns.  Any feedback on these is much appreciated - as I would
like to better understand coral bleaching.

For example:
Photo 1596 shows an Acropora sp. bleaching from the center out.  Why is

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