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SMHoke at SMHoke at
Tue May 22 20:20:11 EDT 2001

Dear Coral Listers:

       One of our students here at Nova Southeastern University (Ray Wolcott) 
is rather urgently in need of Mark Chiappone's e-mail address.   I'm sure Dr. 
Joshua Feingold has that address, but I'm equally as sure he is aboard a 
research vessel in the Galapagos at the moment, and therefore more than a 
little difficult to catch up with for now.

       So, if any of you happens to know Mark Chiappone's e-mail address, 
please forward same to Ray Wolcott at:  wolcott at    

       Thanks for your help.

S. Michael Hoke
Graduate Student - Marine Biology
Nova Southeastern University - USA
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