Growth Rates for Sinularia & Sarcophyton

tom h gray reef-art at
Sun May 27 02:33:33 EDT 2001

Greetings all-	
	I have a question regarding the mean growth rate of Sarcohphyton sp. and
Sarcophyton sp.  I grow these and other corals in captivity for my
company, Reef-Art.  At present I am doing graduate research for TAMUCC
regarding growth rates for these species in captivity under several
different light conditions.
	What is the mean growth rate in the wild for Sarcophyton sp. and
Sinularia sp.?  Is there a difference in growth rates for Sinularia sp.
(green variety) vs. Sinularia sp. (brown variety).  Is there any
documented growth rates out there for these corals grown in captivity?

	Thanks in advance for your response,
	Tom Gray
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