Carbon Dioxide: The Plot Thickens.

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Hi Debbie,

Here are some other helpful sources:

1) Falkowski, P. R.J. Scholes, E. Boyle, J. Canadell, D. Canfield, J. 
Elser, N. Gruber, K. Hibbard, P.Hogberg, S. Linder. F.T.Mackenzie, B. 
MooreIII, T. Pendersen, Y. Rosenthal, S. Seitzinger, V. Smetacek, 
W.Steffen, The Global Carbon Cycle: A Test of Our Knowledge of Earth 
as a System 2000 Oct. 13 Science Vol 290, pp 291-295.

Farooq Azam, 1998, Microbial Control of Oceanic Carbon Flux: The Plot 
Thickens. Science Vol. 280 pp. 694-696.

An Introduction To The Chemistry Of The Sea, Michael E. Pilson 
Prentice Hall Inc. Simon & Schuster. ISBN 0-13-258971-0.  Pilson is 
at the Graduate School Of Oceanography University of Rode Island 
Narragansett, RI.

Also an interesting article in Oceanus The Rain of Ocean Particles 
and the Earths Carbon Cycle. 1997,Fall/Winter by Susumu Honjo.


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