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A fellow list member wrote and pointed out that in writing about coral 
diseases I incorrectly identified Aspergillus (the pathogen infecting sea 
fans) as a bacterium. It's a fungus. Sorry. Also, references on 
aspergillosis include:

Nagelkerken, Ivan, et al. “Widespread disease in Caribbean sea fans,” 
Marine Ecology Progress Series, Vol. 160, 15 December 1997, pp. 255-263.

Nagelkerken, Ivan, et al. “Widespread disease in Caribbean sea fans,” 
Proceedings of the 8th International Coral Reef Symposium, Vol. 1. 1997, 
pp. 679-682.

Smith, Garriet, et al. “Caribbean sea fan mortalities,” Nature, Vol. 383, 
10 October 1996, p. 487.

Harvell, Drew, et al. “Emerging Marine Diseases–Climate Links and 
Anthropogenic Factors,” Science, 3 September 1999, pp. 1505-1510.

Geiser, David, et al. “Cause of sea fan death in the West Indies,” Nature, 
Vol. 394, 9 July 1998, pp. 137-138.


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