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David Excoffier excofier at nevada.grenoble.hp.com
Fri Nov 2 09:58:54 EST 2001

Hello Justin,

At 05:27 02/11/01 -0800, you wrote:
>  Someone mentioned that there are "responsible
>Aquarium shops" that are trapping pre-settlement
>larvae and raising them in captivitiy to a marketable

I don't know if shops that are, directly doing that, exist.
What I know is that some shops (at least in France) are selling fishes that
have been catched as post-larvae (when they come back to the reef) and
raised in captivity (in the south of France in the my case).

>Does anyone know the contact information of any
>of these shops?  Thinking about the logistical
>problems of this capturing plan, in addition to the
>supply/demand issues of the aquarium trade, it seems
>that this scheme would be very expensive.

Just have a look at the link that I've posted yesterday
http://www.aqua-fish.com/ there is an English speaking part (not visited).

>From the aquarist side it is not much more expensive (often the same price
but smaller because younger), and you have the guarantee that the fish has
not been cyanid caught so will not die because of that, that it will eat
with no problem as post larvae are raised using dry food, etc ...
I don't know how many fishes they are able to raise per month (some of them
are sent back to the reef), it's quite new in France (perhaps existing in
other coutries but I've never heard that).

There is also on our web site a page on this (in French...).



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