Aspergillus in the Caribbean

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Dear List:

I second Osha's excellent point about the importance of considering 
disease processes in declines coral reefs are experiencing.  And did 
also appreciate the "Doomed Coral" thread.  I'd also like to add a 
few more refs from work we've done on the impacts of Aspergillus and 
resistance of gorgonian corals to fungi. And at the end I've included 
a paper Gene Shinn and colleagues produced about african dust and 

Regards, Drew

Kim, K., C. D. Harvell, G. W. Smith, S. M. Merkel, and P. D. Kim. 
2000.  Role of secondary chemistry in fungal disease resistance of 
sea fans (Gorgonia spp).  Marine Biology 136:259-267.

Kim K., P. D. Kim, and C. D. Harvell.  2000.  Antifungal properties 
of gorgonian corals.  Marine Biology 137:393-401.

Alker, A. G. Smith, and K. Kim. 2001. Characterization of Aspergillus 
sydowii, a fungal pathogen of CAribbean sea fan corals. Hydrobiologia

Kim, K., A. Dobson, F. M. D. Gulland, and C. D. Harvell.  2001. 
Disease and the conservation of marine diversity.  In Conservation of 
Marine Ecosystems.  E. Norse and L. Crowder, eds.  Island Press.

KIm, K. and C.D. Harvell. 2001. Aspergillosis of seafan corals: 
dynamics in the Flroida Keys. IN Porter, J and K Porter (eds). 
Linkages between ecosystemns in the South Florida Hydroscape. CRC, 
Boca Raton. In press.

Shinn et al., Geophysical Research letters 2001.

Finally we have a paper coming out in Porter's Disease volume of 
Hydrobiologia (available any day, I think) about bleaching - disease 
synergisms in a mass mortality of Briareum.

Harvell, C. D., K. Kim, C. Quirolo, G. W. Smith, and J .Weir.  2001. 
Mass mortality of Briareum asbestinum associated with the 1998 
Caribbean coral bleaching.  Hydrobiologia.


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