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Speaking of invasive species, here is an excerpt of today's news from 
PFP SeaSpan ~~ The bi-monthly electronic newsletter of the 
Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation. Note that there are many ways
other than through aquaria that species are introduced. I think we should
seek to limit all sources.


John McManus

"November 2001/A
2001/Vol. 5, No. 21

   A new authored by 1996 Pew Fellow James Carlton, "Introduced Species in
U.S. Coastal Waters", warns that the rate of non-native species invading
U.S. coastal waters has risen exponentially over the past 200 years and
shows no sign of leveling off. Introduced species crowd out native species,
alter habitats, disrupt ecosystems, and impose economic burdens on coastal
communities. Carlton's report discusses the primary sources of
introductions along U.S. coasts, their affects on coastal habitat, reviews
efforts to prevent, reduce and control introductions, and offers several
recommendations for action. 
   The report is the third in a series that includes documents on marine
pollution and aquaculture that have been contracted by the Pew Oceans
Commission. Jessica Landman, 2001 Pew Fellow and director of publications
at the Pew Oceans Commission, worked with Carlton to produce the report and
is currently developing additional publications on coastal development,
fishing, and marine protected areas. For more information, see:
---SOURCE: Environmental News Service, October 23, 2001
To obtain a copy of the report click on:

>>>Carlton, director of the Maritime Studies Program at Williams College -
Mystic Seaport, used his Pew Fellowship to research a book on marine
biological invasions and their past, present, and potential future impacts
on altering marine ecosystems. He also pursued international multilateral
agreements to better manage ballast water, a principal means of
transporting these organisms. For more information, see:

>>>Landman is applying her fellowship to tackle two Florida pulp mills that
have applied for permits to build wastewater pipelines into Florida's
fragile coastal waters and discharge large quantities of toxic effluent.
Working with NRDC and allied stakeholders, she will use state and federal
legal procedures to advocate for stringent pollution limits under the Clean
Water Act that would greatly strengthen the proposed permits. For more
information, see:

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