divers and fish

Ursula Keuper-Bennett howzit at turtles.org
Sat Nov 3 11:41:48 EST 2001

Hi again John,

I just revisited my earlier message.  I wrote:

>One thing I'd like to know is how many unsuccess stories are there for 
>every competent, responsible marine hobbyist?   And how many fish/live 
>corals die before one of THEM becomes competent.

When I read this I broke out and laughed --simply DELIGHTED by the error in 

Of course what I MEANT was, "And how many fish/live corals die before a 
marine hobbyist acquires something resembling competency?"

I raised the same issue as James M. Cervino when he wrote:

>Many peoples get into this hobby(without understanding basic chemistry) 
>and consistently have to purchase new valuable endangered corals due to 
>mistakes and not maintaining there aquariums.

Only James did it so much better.  (But mine was funnier)

Hope this clarifies,


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