Divers and Fish

Mike Risk riskmj at mcmail.cis.mcmaster.ca
Sat Nov 3 18:55:05 EST 2001

I find your reply unconvincing. From the other postings, it seems that a
piece of furniture will last a good deal longer than a captive specimen in
an aquarium! You seem to feel that having the financial resources to buy
stock for a marine aquarium somehow conveys a sense of ecological
commitment. That has not been the case with many of the examples with which
I am familiar. I would be happier with the aquarium-keepers if I saw
evidence of a collective movement to demand accountability and

There is another ethical issue involved here. While I laud the efforts of
the aquarium trade to learn to culture fish and inverts in vitro, so to
speak, we need to realise that this transfers the technology and income from
the coastal residents of Third World countries, who were the "owners" of the
reefs in the first place, to residents of the developed nations.

A truly ethical aquarium trade would support efforts to erect sustainable
export operations in host countries. And while I'm at it I may as well wish
for world peace.

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