bereaved dolphin behaviour?

Kurt Cordice sre at
Mon Nov 5 08:46:09 EST 2001

Hi Bill,

What you are witnessing is not an uncommon thing.  She'll stay with her baby
even after its dead for extended periods...essentially, as long as it take
for her to mourn and decide its time to move on.  Unfortunately, as with
humans, there's not a whole lot you can do to help her.  The only thing I
would suggest is that, if possible, keep human visits to her down to a
minimum.  If she's going to stay in one spot for a while, people may get the
idea that she needs attention and want to swim with her etc.  Again, just
like humans, sometimes we all need some time alone.

Wish I could help though.  I'm sure its not a nice thing to witness.

All the best,


Kurt Cordice
General Coordinator
Seascape Research and Education

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