delayed posts

Jim Hendee jim.hendee at
Mon Nov 5 09:40:23 EST 2001


	You may have noticed that some posts do not make it through to
coral-list for many hours or sometimes even days after they were
originally sent.  Most often this is because you now have a new email
address and didn't unsubscribe from your old address and are now trying to
send from your new address (but mail to your old address still gets to
your new one); or sometimes because you send your message to
owner-coral-list instead of to coral-list because your mail program sees
the message this way.  In either case, the message gets bounced for me to
approved, and some days (like today, when I had 295 messages in my inbox
because people did not unsubscribe, or like probelms above) I may not get
to forwarding your message to the list right away.

	PLEASE try to unsubscribe from old address and subscribe to new
ones when you are aware of the change, and make sure you are sending your
coral-list posts to the correct address (namely,
coral-list at

	Thank you very much for your cooperation.  Now, back to my

	coral-list admin

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