Coral translocation

edwin grandcourt edwin_grandcourt at
Sun Nov 11 22:36:24 EST 2001

Dear all,

There is a reef currently threatened by a reclamation project off the coast 
of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. We are considering ways to 
translocate as many colonies as possible several kilometers away (rather 
than have it turned into land). I was wondering if anyone could help with 
advise on techniques for transportation.

Thanks for your consideration.

Edwin Grandcourt
Marine Environmental Research Center
Environmental Research and
Wildlife Development Agency
Po. Box 45553
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Fax:		+971-2 681 0008
Tel: 		+971-2 681 7171
Dir. Tel:	+971-2 693 4533

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